Lefkogeia – a REST API test server

Lefkogeia is a server to test your REST APIs with. When it runs, it accepts every request made on the configured IP/port and returns an HTTP 200 “Thank you for your {method name, GET/POST etc}”. As you can imagine, I developed it for my own needs and then thought it would be handy for others, so I published it on Github.

You can download its first release here. The project’s intro page is here.

It logs all requests in a directory imaginatively called logs. It creates an access.txt file where all requests are written, and one file per request (000001.txt, 000002.txt etc) in which the request’s payload (e.g. an xml or a json) is written.


The primary use of Lefkogeia is to test/debug/troubleshoot REST API and web services clients. You run it (see release notes on that) and get your client to call it. It will log whatever was sent, allowing you to troubleshoot whatever problem you might have.


To configure Lefkogeia, edit the appsettings.json file with a text editor.

An example appsettings.json file to serve multiple addresses & ports would be:

	"Logging": {
		"LogLevel": {
			"Default": "Debug",
			"System": "Information",
			"Microsoft": "Information"
	"Host": {
		"Url": [

Paths are not yet supported in URLs, so if you change http://server1:7777 to http://server1:7777/testapi you will get an error. This is planned for the next release.

Also note that in order to use https:// you need to generate a certificate by running

dotnet dev-certs https --trust

For more info see https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=848054.

But why “Lefkogeia”, what does this even mean?

Because it’s such a beautiful place! Lefkogeia is a small village in southern Crete, Greece, with amazing beaches like Ammoudi, Shinaria, Klisidi and more. You can read more in Tripadvisor.

Bulk modify jobs in JAMS Scheduler

As I’ve mentioned before, at work we’re migrating all our scheduled tasks to JAMS. Now JAMS has a lot of flexibility to notify, sends emails etc but… you have to tell it to 🙂

And you can imagine that having to click-click-type-click in order to change, say, the email address in a few tens of jobs is not the creative work a developer craves for. Writing a powershell script to do that, though, is!

So here’s the script I wrote to change the email address for Warnings and Critical conditions, in bulk. Of course you can easily modify it to do whatever change you want (enable/disable a lot of jobs at once is a good example).

    [string]$jamsServer = "myJamsServer", 
    [string]$jamsPath = "\somePath\someOtherPath"

# This script loops through all enabled JAMS jobs under a certain folder
# recursively, and changes the email address except for successes.

Import-Module Jams
$ErrorActionPreference = "Stop"

    if ($null -eq (Get-PSDrive JD))
        New-PSDrive JD JAMS $jamsServer -scope Local
    New-PSDrive JD JAMS $jamsServer -scope Local

$folders = New-Object System.Collections.ArrayList
$rootFolder = (Get-Item "JAMS::$($jamsServer)$($jamsPath)").Name
$folders.Add($rootFolder) | Out-Null
$childFolders = Get-ChildItem "JAMS::$($jamsServer)$($jamsPath)\*" -objecttype Folder -IgnorePredefined 
$childFolders | foreach { $folders.Add($_.Name) | Out-Null }

$rootJobs = New-Object System.Collections.ArrayList

foreach($f in $folders)
    Write-Host "Folder: $f"
    if ($f -eq $rootFolder)
        $jobs = Get-ChildItem "JAMS::$($jamsServer)$($jamsPath)\*" -objecttype Job -IgnorePredefined -FullObject 
        $jobs | foreach { $rootJobs.Add($_.Name) | Out-Null }
        $jobs = Get-ChildItem "JAMS::$($jamsServer)$($jamsPath)\$f\*" -objecttype Job -IgnorePredefined -FullObject 

    # for test
    #$jobs | Format-Table -AutoSize

    foreach($job in $jobs)
        #Write-Host "$($job.Name) : $($job.Properties["Enabled"])"
        #if you need a name filter as well, you can do:
        #if (($job.Name -notlike "*SomeString*") -or ($job.Properties["Enabled"].Value -eq $false))
        if ($job.Properties["Enabled"].Value -eq $false)

        $jobElements = $job.Elements
        $doUpdate = $false

        foreach($jobElement in $jobElements)
            #Write-Host "$($job.Name) / $($jobElement.ElementTypeName) / $($jobElement.Description) / $($jobElement.ToString())"
            if (($jobElement.ElementTypeName -eq "SendEMail") -and ($jobElement.EntrySuccess -eq $false))
                #Write-Host "$($job.Name) / $($jobElement.ElementTypeName) / $($jobElement.Description) / $($jobElement.FromAddress) / $($jobElement.ToAddress)"
                if ([string]::IsNullOrWhiteSpace($jobElement.ToAddress))
                    $jobElement.FromAddress = "admin@superduperincrediblesoftware.com"
                    $jobElement.ToAddress = "someone@superduperincrediblesoftware.com;andhisdog@superduperincrediblesoftware.com"
                    $jobElement.MessageBody = "Uh, Houston, we've had a problem"      
                    $doUpdate = $true              

        if ($doUpdate -eq $true)
            Write-Host "Job $($job.Name) is updated"

Have fun coding 🙂