My bread recipes

[UPDATE 03.2019] added a Brioche recipe.

I recently bought a bread machine, an Unold 8695 Onyx, and I’m very, very happy with it. Simple machine, nothing fancy (whenever I hear of appliances that are “connected”, “internet enabled” or, god forbid, “on the blockchain” I run away) but great value for money and gets the job done, very well.

The manual is excellent, with detailed timing tables and recipes which I fully recommend. That said, I did get the recipes that I liked most -the humble white bread and the farmer’s bread- and customized them a bit.

These are the ingredients, in the order which I put them in the bowl:


Ingredient For 600 gr bread
White flour (Zopfmehl, type 405) 390 ml
Salt 3/4 teasp. (4 gr)
Sugar 2 tblsp. (40 gr)
Vanille sugar 1 pkg (8 gr)
Whole egg 1
Egg yolk 1
Yeast, fresh 1/2 cube
Milk 160 ml
Butter 80 gr

Important note: put everything in the bread maker bowl, in that order, except the milk and the butter. Then heat the milk and the butter just slightly (do not boil!) until the butter is almost melted. Then pour the milk-butter mix in the bowl over the other ingredients.

Use the Sweet (“Hefekuchen”) or Quick (“Schnell”) program, size 1 (“Stufe 1”) and light crust setting.

White bread

Ingredient For 500 gr bread For 800 gr bread
Water 230 ml 300 ml
Salt 3/4 teasp. (4 gr) 1 teasp. (6 gr)
Honey 2 tblsp. (40 gr) 2.5 tblsp. (52 gr)
Wheat semolina (or Corn polenta) 100 gr 126 gr
Whole wheat flour (Ruchmehl) or light whole wheat flour (Halbweissmehl) 20 gr 30 gr
White flour (Weissmehl, type 550, preferably with vitamins) 280 gr 356 gr
Yeast (if fresh yeast is used, use 1/2 a cube in both cases) 5 gr

7 gr (1 package)

Farmer’s bread

Ingredient For 800 gr bread
Water 320 ml
Leaven (Sauerteig; in CH, I can only find leaven powder in Coop) 10 gr (1 package)
Salt 1 teasp. (6 gr)
Butter or margarine 20 gr
Honey 2.5 tblsp. (52 gr)
Light whole wheat flour (Halbweissmehl) 400 gr
White flour (Weissmehl, type 550, preferably with vitamins) 100 gr
Yeast, fresh 1/2 cube

For both of them, I then use the “Quick” (“Schnell”) program, with light or medium crust. 1h 40min later, it’s ready.


Citrix on Ubuntu 18.04

I recently changed from Win10 to Ubuntu 18.04 as my main OS at home. I still have Windows in a few VMs, as I need to do the occasional development with Visual Studio.

But a problem I had was that needed to connect to the office when doing home office.

Now, at work we have Citrix Netscaler Gateway. And there’s a Linux client available. It worked, but not as smoothly as I hoped 🙂

Here’s what I did:

From Ubuntu’s Software Center, I installed Citrix Receiver.

Then it asked for the server and tried to connect, but I was getting an error: “An SSL connection to the server could not be established because the server’s certificate could not be trusted.”

So I opened a terminal and gave the following commands (source):

sudo ln -s /usr/share/ca-certificates/mozilla/* /opt/Citrix/ICAClient/keystore/cacerts/

sudo c_rehash /opt/Citrix/ICAClient/keystore/cacerts/

After that it connected, but it was still giving an error: “A protocol error occured while communicating with the Authentication Service”

So after some sleuthing, I opened my browser (Chrome) and connected to the my company’s Citrix server address (https://server). When I clicked the apps there, it worked.