Bulk modify jobs in JAMS Scheduler

As I’ve mentioned before, at work we’re migrating all our scheduled tasks to JAMS. Now JAMS has a lot of flexibility to notify, sends emails etc but… you have to tell it to 🙂

And you can imagine that having to click-click-type-click in order to change, say, the email address in a few tens of jobs is not the creative work a developer craves for. Writing a powershell script to do that, though, is!

So here’s the script I wrote to change the email address for Warnings and Critical conditions, in bulk. Of course you can easily modify it to do whatever change you want (enable/disable a lot of jobs at once is a good example).

    [string]$jamsServer = "myJamsServer", 
    [string]$jamsPath = "\somePath\someOtherPath"

# This script loops through all enabled JAMS jobs under a certain folder
# recursively, and changes the email address except for successes.

Import-Module Jams
$ErrorActionPreference = "Stop"

    if ($null -eq (Get-PSDrive JD))
        New-PSDrive JD JAMS $jamsServer -scope Local
    New-PSDrive JD JAMS $jamsServer -scope Local

$folders = New-Object System.Collections.ArrayList
$rootFolder = (Get-Item "JAMS::$($jamsServer)$($jamsPath)").Name
$folders.Add($rootFolder) | Out-Null
$childFolders = Get-ChildItem "JAMS::$($jamsServer)$($jamsPath)\*" -objecttype Folder -IgnorePredefined 
$childFolders | foreach { $folders.Add($_.Name) | Out-Null }

$rootJobs = New-Object System.Collections.ArrayList

foreach($f in $folders)
    Write-Host "Folder: $f"
    if ($f -eq $rootFolder)
        $jobs = Get-ChildItem "JAMS::$($jamsServer)$($jamsPath)\*" -objecttype Job -IgnorePredefined -FullObject 
        $jobs | foreach { $rootJobs.Add($_.Name) | Out-Null }
        $jobs = Get-ChildItem "JAMS::$($jamsServer)$($jamsPath)\$f\*" -objecttype Job -IgnorePredefined -FullObject 

    # for test
    #$jobs | Format-Table -AutoSize

    foreach($job in $jobs)
        #Write-Host "$($job.Name) : $($job.Properties["Enabled"])"
        #if you need a name filter as well, you can do:
        #if (($job.Name -notlike "*SomeString*") -or ($job.Properties["Enabled"].Value -eq $false))
        if ($job.Properties["Enabled"].Value -eq $false)

        $jobElements = $job.Elements
        $doUpdate = $false

        foreach($jobElement in $jobElements)
            #Write-Host "$($job.Name) / $($jobElement.ElementTypeName) / $($jobElement.Description) / $($jobElement.ToString())"
            if (($jobElement.ElementTypeName -eq "SendEMail") -and ($jobElement.EntrySuccess -eq $false))
                #Write-Host "$($job.Name) / $($jobElement.ElementTypeName) / $($jobElement.Description) / $($jobElement.FromAddress) / $($jobElement.ToAddress)"
                if ([string]::IsNullOrWhiteSpace($jobElement.ToAddress))
                    $jobElement.FromAddress = "admin@superduperincrediblesoftware.com"
                    $jobElement.ToAddress = "someone@superduperincrediblesoftware.com;andhisdog@superduperincrediblesoftware.com"
                    $jobElement.MessageBody = "Uh, Houston, we've had a problem"      
                    $doUpdate = $true              

        if ($doUpdate -eq $true)
            Write-Host "Job $($job.Name) is updated"

Have fun coding 🙂

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