Signs that you need coffee, #6

You wake up on Monday morning, which is bad by itself because Monday.

You decide you’ll have tea instead of coffee so you boil some water, pour it in a mug and dip two bags of your favourite tea in it.

You go to your home office room to start your laptop, check emails etc.

Then you go back to the kitchen and spend the next 5 minutes wondering where your coffee is.

5 thoughts on “Signs that you need coffee, #6”

  1. I’ve actuallmy switched from coffee to Twinnings Earl Grey because I drank too much coffee and it was becoming irritating. I came to the conclusion that most of the time I need water with some taste in it, so I’m now aiming my target of one espresso per day. I can’t say I do not get over-caffeinated, since I drink too much tea, but I’m coping better with the irritation.

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